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Google Calendar can choose how you share based on location

Google Calendar can choose how you share based on location

We’ve been doing a hybrid for some time now, but we’re still looking at ways to do it better. Meetings in particular are challenging: “Oh, are you in the office?” You call each other while you are logged into the online meeting. Could be better. Google has already introduced the sharing method, but is now coming up with a way to modify this method based on your location.

How to share

Don’t worry, if you work at home on the beach, your colleagues won’t be able to see that you chose warm sand and scorching sun as your desk that day. You can set job sites yourself. For example, have you already put into your schedule that you will be in the office that day? Works, Google Calendar will automatically reply to meeting invitations that the meeting location is the office. So it doesn’t mean it literally depends on your location based on your GPS, it just depends on where you say you are that day.

So imagine someone invites you to a date on a Tuesday afternoon and you have indicated that you will be working from the office that day, then you will see an RSVP inside Google Calendar You will actually participate in the meeting room and not by default. Your colleagues will see this too (even if they haven’t started the meeting but are only guests at the meeting). Very useful, because everyone knows you’re in the office that day, if he or she wants to meet you face to face for something else. In any case, it saves a lot of uncomfortable moments and questions. Everyone knows where he stands (unless you decide to work from home on a workday).

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You may not see the feature in Google Calendar yet, but it won’t be long before it comes your way unless you use a private Google account. This is really an enterprise and business feature. It is expected that it will take approximately the end of August before everyone with such a trading account will have it.