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Google is adding AI innovations to its advertising products

Google is adding AI innovations to its advertising products

After Cloud and Android last week, it’s Google’s marketing department’s turn to introduce its AI innovations. In essence, the tech giant is sticking AI features everywhere it can.

This is very clear from the presentations and Keynotes that Google will be holding in the US starting today on the occasion of the event. Google Direct Marketing. Emers and a number of representatives of the international press obtained preliminary information about the plans.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are nothing new at Google. Related news has been released little by little for years. But the sudden rise of OpenAI set off all the alarm bells. Project roadmaps were revised, strategic priorities changed and departments were reorganized.

Google Marketing Live is all about “creative and effective advertising at scale.” Demos are mainly about new forms of advertising and the creative process.

In the US, for example, the tech company already offers a “generative Google search experience.” This new interface with answers, where there are no clickable blue links, is part of the experience. Users Confusion Amnesty International We already know this, but without the advertising messages next to the answer. Google is now announcing that ads from search and shopping will be added to search answers. They can be identified by the attached “Supported” sticker.

A web searcher can also ask Google for recommendations. You can then upload photos of your living room for design tips. Advertisers can weigh in on this personalized advice for a fee.

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Additionally, advertisers will have more options to customize the look of their ads.

Another new thing is the extensive profile pages in brand search. These profiles are inspired by the company profiles of local businesses. They contain product and brand images, videos, customer reviews, deals, promotions, and shipping policies. Everything in one place. More than forty percent of searches are about a brand or retailer. The tech giant is now responding to this with new visual brand profiles. This view highlights information from Google Merchant Center and Shopping Graph.

As with most new AI features, including those in Cloud and Android, the novelties are not available in the Netherlands at the moment. Most are at most in the hands of a small testing group in the US with select partners or a few abroad.

picture: John Tyson, Unsplash