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Microsoft is naar verluidt van plan om de next-gen Xbox in 2026 uit te brengen

Microsoft is said to be planning to release the next generation Xbox in 2026

While Sony is rumored to be gearing up to release the PlayStation 5 Pro this year, Microsoft appears to have other plans. Microsoft wants to start the next generation of consoles early.

Microsoft is reportedly working on its own Xbox that will compete with Steam Deck, Rog Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go. A more powerful Xbox Series According to dataminer and CoD insider The Ghost of Hope, Microsoft has decided to come early with a next-gen console. Ghost of Hope says he heard that from several sources. The next-gen Xbox console is supposed to be released in 2026. This means Microsoft has a year or two head start over rival Sony, which is said to launch a PlayStation 6 in 2028.

The last time Microsoft released next-gen early was during the Xbox 360 era. And it was a huge success. The Xbox 360 was released a year before the PlayStation 3 and was very popular. The Xbox 360 was so successful that for years, not only in the United States, but also in Europe, there were more players using the Xbox 360 than using the PlayStation 3. After that, Microsoft released the Xbox One at the same time On which the PlayStation was released. 4 This went completely wrong.

Microsoft wants to launch its new powerful console before Sony to bring gamers back into the Xbox ecosystem. According to The Ghost of Hope, the new Call of Duty game will serve as a launch game for the new console. Call of Duty will make optimal use of all the technical features of the new console.

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Xbox chief Sarah Bond said earlier this year that work had begun on a next-gen Xbox console and that it would be the biggest technological step of the hardware generation.

“We are moving full speed ahead with our next-generation devices, with a focus on delivering the biggest technology leap ever in a single generation.”