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Google Titan beveiligingssleutel

Google launched a new Titan Security Key for $35

Google has simplified the Titan key display. From now on, only one model with USB-A and another with USB-C are shown.

known Titan security keys From google has been updated. The current variant with USB-A and NFC is now also available with USB-C and Google has pulled the Bluetooth model from sale. With this, the search engine giant wants to simplify the presentation. From now on, only USB-A and C variants will be available.

Google Titan

It is not clear if Google will also sell us the new security key. This was not the case in the past. Some European countries have Titan keys in their display, but simplifying the display may make this possible. Currently, the search engine giant is asking $30 for a USB-A model with a USB-C adapter. Google is asking $35 for the new USB-C model. The latter was made in collaboration with Feitian and is a modified version of the Feitian ePass K40.

What is this security key?

Those who want to keep their online accounts secure can sign in with a security key via two-step verification. This bypasses the two-step verification part of your mobile phone number. You always have your Security Key with you and it is possible to keep all your passwords in it.

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