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The Power Rangers Arkham-esque Batman Game Has Been Released...

The Power Rangers Arkham-esque Batman Game Has Been Released…

Power Rangers is a guilty pleasure for many people my age. Superheroes dominated a number of my childhood years. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference if we now also had a great power guardHe had a game aka Batman Arkham. Unfortunately, there is no time left for this game.

Jason Bischoff, former head of global consumer products at Saban Brands, has shared some concept images of the Power Rangers game that never appeared on his Twitter account. The game had the action name Project Nomad and was set to be an AAA open world co-op game and would have the same gameplay as Batman Arkham. However, the game never started, because in the end there was no space and budget for it.

Bischoff says discussions with developers and publishers went “well,” but in the end there was no time for this and everything turned so internally that Project Nomad never saw the light of day. He is of course without him forever.

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