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Google Lens is also available for Chrome soon

Google will soon offer search with Google Lens in the Chrome web browser. Google announced this on Wednesday during Search 21 know the meeting. Google Lens allows users to search within a part of a web page, such as a specific section or an image.

Google Lens uses AI-based image recognition to provide more information about a user’s environment. For example, a smartphone camera can be directed to a business card, to automatically add a new contact in the phone. If you point the camera at a famous building, you can see basic information about it.

Until now, Google Lens was only available for smartphones. In the coming months, Google will also roll out the functionality in its Chrome web browser. Users then choose a part of the web page, after which they see relevant search results.

Google will also add details and context to search engine results topics and sources for users in the United States. For example, the group states that it wants to help users gain more knowledge about the origin of digital information. The company also wants to prevent the spread of misinformation. The sister company YouTube has already announced that it will remove all misinformation about Covid-19 from now on.

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