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This is how you avoid an expensive bill

This is how you avoid an expensive bill

Telecom service providers have greatly increased their data limits in recent years. Service providers like KPN and T-Mobile (including Tele2) offer unlimited mobile data. There is a good chance that you don’t have unlimited data yet. Then of course you don’t want to go over your data limit – after all, you have to pay extra for extra consumption. Below you’ll find all the steps you can take to avoid over-consumption.

Mobile data limit on Android

Fortunately, 500MB data packages are no longer available, but you will still see 5GB data packages, or in some cases even 1GB. With these bundles, watching a few videos on your favorite streaming service or browsing social media platforms regularly can bring your data bundle to zero in a matter of hours or days. When you reach zero, your telecom provider starts charging a flat rate for every megabyte you use.

Depending on how many megabytes you use, and where that data is being used, this can be very costly. On Android, you can arm yourself against these additional costs by setting a mobile data limit. During a specified period you cannot use more mobile data (MBs) than you specified. For example, if you have a 5GB data package, your new package will always start on the first of the month. Then you can set that you can use 5,000MB between the first and last day of the month.

If you get close to zeroing your data package, Android can send you a notification about it. Once all the mobile data is used up, the mobile data connection on your phone will be turned off immediately. You can then browse via WiFi only.

Set mobile data limit

All phones since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich have the option to set a data limit. So the steps below work for all phones running Android 4.0 or higher. Note: The menu layout will be different in some steps.

  1. open it Settings menu
  2. Go to Network and the Internet
  3. then press Mobile Internet
  4. then go to Data warning and limit
  5. put on top data cycle For mobile data, choose date that you have to Database Starts monthly
  6. At the bottom of this list, I put the key behind you Set data limit in a
  7. Via the setting below you can set data limit in a
  8. You can still use a file data warning run alone Transformation, then also select After Mobile data usage Want to receive a warning

It is important to note that Android is not always completely accurate in keeping track of the amount of mobile data you use. So it is possible that you have used a little more data than the list indicates. This difference is small, but it is still important to monitor your mobile data usage.