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Google opened its first physical store

Google opened its first physical store

The first ever brick and mortar Google store

If you really want to plunge into the world of Google, look no further: the company is opening its first brick and mortar store in New York City this summer.

The Chelsea site, on 15th and 9th Streets, will feature “a wide range of products made by Google,” including Nests, Pixel Phones, Fitbit devices and more.

Like any other tech product store, Google Store will also employ its experts to troubleshoot Google products and provide demos.

Let customers play with Google products

The company said in one Blog post His main motivation for opening the store is to allow customers to try Google devices before purchasing them. However, realizing that the pandemic has changed the way most people shop, the Google store will also have the right takeaway options and an online presence.

It’s a bit surprising, frankly, that there wasn’t actually a Google Store yet, due to the plethora of competing Apple stores. All I want to know is the attractive name Google will create for its experts in attendance. Will you soon be able to compete with The famous Genius bar?

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