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Google Pixel 6 Pro is back in stock in Google Store DE

Google Pixel 6 Pro is back in stock in Google Store DE

Google Pixel 6 Pro has been released since the release of Launching on October 19 From bad to very bad. Therefore, phones are provided scantly across various web stores abroad. The Google Store was only able to deliver phones in the first days after launch and after that there was a waiting list. So far, because the store has the phones back in stock. while he is.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on Google Store

from Google Pixel 6 It’s been fairly easily available all this time, but that wasn’t the case for Pixel 6 Pro. Google gave the United States store as interpretation Due to poor availability of phones: “Due to high demand, some Pixel 6 Pro models may be out of stock or have long delivery times. Get notified when they are available again, or check with other authorized retailers who may have them available.” In the editors, we ran this notice on the German Google Store and today we received good news from that store, because the Pixel 6 Pro is back in stock.

Google has never announced and gives away its Pixel phones in the Netherlands or Belgium this is the reason. Also this year we have to import Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro via gray channel, through online stores, or through the Google Store in other countries. In this article You will find an overview of all the stores where you can buy the Pixel 6.

Buy Google Pixel 6 from Google Store in Germany

The Google Pixel 6 series is only on sale in eight countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you want to buy a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you can do so via the Google Store in these countries. Below you will find links for Pixel 6 phones in the German Google Store. The Pixel 6 Pro is available in Sorta Sunny, Cloudy White, and Stormy Black.

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The German Google Store only serves orders in Germany itself. For orders from the Netherlands or Belgium, you must specify the delivery address in Germany. You can then hand the application over to friends, acquaintances or family who live in the respective country and receive the application there. Is this not an option for you? Then you can sign up for the shipping service, which will then send the parcel to the Netherlands or Belgium. Enabling such a service is of course not free and usually costs a few dozen. Examples are Huifkar or Mailboxde.

All about the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Do you want to know everything about what these phones offer? Then read the articles below.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is back in stock in Google Store DE