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Find your pet’s artistic likeness using Google Pet Pictures

Image: google

Is your pet into a historical work of art? Check it out with the new Pet Portraits feature of the Google Arts and Culture app.

Google Arts & Culture actually launched a feature in 2018 that allowed you to find someone similar to you in artwork from earlier historical periods. All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself and Google’s algorithms will search for a person in a work of art that looks like two drops of water. This feature is very popular with more than 120 million selfies uploaded, which is why Google is now expanding the feature Our best friends – our pets – with pet pictures. Who knows, your dog or cat might also have a historical likeness.

How do pet photos work?

Pet Portraits works in a similar way to humans: you take a picture of your pet and Google searches for paintings or sculptures depicting animals of the same species. If you can’t get a good photo of your pet, you can also upload an old photo. You will often get several results, one more accurate than the other. For example, if your dog has brown fur and drooping ears, you will see which dog corresponds to these two characteristics, even if it is of a completely different breed. Also with Capybara from Planckendael Zoo, the algorithms turned out to be having some difficulty, as you can see in the images below. You can create a beautiful slideshow of your search results and share them via social media.

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If your pet has not yet appeared in artwork, you can always make your friend’s artwork yourself. Google Arts & Culture added a series of AR filters in Spring 2020 that allow this You can turn your photos into famous works of art. So you can let your pet shine in Edward Munch’s The Scream or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

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