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Google says more about privacy for Chrome users

Google says more about privacy for Chrome users

Google has developed a privacy guide to help people who use Chrome learn more about in-browser privacy. The guide walks people through the process of adjusting browser privacy settings and also explains the consequences of certain options.

Chrome Privacy Guide

For example, the guide takes you on a tour of how to adjust cookie settings, how Safe Browsing works, how to improve searches, and how history syncing works. It will eventually help your experience with chrome browser While the intention is also for users to take more ownership of their privacy.

Many surfers have an idea of ​​what a particular setting means, but at the same time they don’t always know the hat and the brim. With the guide, Google tries to make sure that people are better aware of what some settings mean and what the consequences are. This allows you to make an informed decision knowing exactly what to expect from this web browsing experience after adjusting these options.

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