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The PlayStation 5 is selling better than the PlayStation 4 in its first 25 weeks

Despite all the delays in delivery, the PlayStation 5 is selling more quickly than the PlayStation 4 in its initial sale period. In Japan alone, 689,000 copies were sold.

PlayStation 5 sale is Much better than initially expected. After idle startup and production issues, it was never believed that the last-generation console would sell better than the PlayStation 4. In fact, it was expected that the console would only do half the performance of its older brother.

40,000 more in the first 25 weeks

According to the location Twisted voxel 30,000 copies were sold in Japan last week. This brings the total in the Land of the Rising Sun to about 689,000 controllers. That’s 40,000 consoles over the first 25 weeks of PlayStation 4 sale in the country.

Sony has already sold 7.8 million PS5 consoles by April of this year and plans to achieve another 14.8 million units during this fiscal year, which began April 1. In its first full fiscal year with the PlayStation 4, 14.8 million consoles were sold as well, but there was no shortage of raw materials to make these units. Thus, the demand for the PlayStation 5 is higher than the demand for the PlayStation 4.

Shortage of control units until 2022

Incidentally, it doesn’t look like plugging issues for the PlayStation 5 It will quickly stop. It was confirmed recently that there will be a shortage of controllers at least until 2022. There is a shortage of raw materials to manufacture them and the company cannot meet the demand. Even if more is produced, supply will not catch up with demand.

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