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Google searches for vulgar Play Store apps

Google searches for vulgar Play Store apps

Google maintains spring cleaning in its Play Store. Apps that use deceptive techniques for additional downloads will soon be removed.

New Instructions Those who want to publish an app should ensure that the Play Store offers a more unified experience. Applications that lean back to attract more attention will be penalized. This relates to the title and graphic layout of the app logo as it appears in the search results. Additionally, there is also interest in accompanying shots and explainer videos. The stricter rules will go into effect sometime in the second half of the year.

No more tricks on the Play Store

With the new rules, Google wants to end the suite of tricks developers are using to give their app as much attention as possible. For example, it won’t soon be possible to present an app name in uppercase screaming or use emojis to attract more attention.

So this is no longer allowed. (Source: Google Developers Android Blog)
As it should be. (Source: Google Developers Android Blog)

In addition, word processing such as “best travel app” or “download now” in app form is no longer allowed. Certain discounts are no longer permitted to be advertised with the mention of “sell”. The app title is limited to 30 characters.

Google says it wants app developers to be informed in time of the upcoming changes, so they can prepare for the stricter rules. Apps that (no longer) meet the requirements will no longer be allowed in Google Play. “Later this year” more details will follow, according to the tech giant.

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