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Spotify maintains its elegance with its audio files – RadioVisie

Spotify maintains its elegance with its audio files – RadioVisie

It does not abuse its subscriptions

We talked about that earlier Spotify, like Apple, starts with a paid podcast. But there is a difference because Spotify makes it more attractive to podcast makers. When Apple charges a 30% commission for what someone listens to, Spotify is more modest. After all, in the first two years no commission was asked at all, after which it would be 5%.

The first paid podcast is already available in the United States, via Spotify’s Anchor. It concerns twelve independent series as well as a series of podcasts that are made in conjunction with National Public Radio (NPR).

And there is another big difference between Apple and Spotify. We ourselves have not previously agreed to the fact that the subscription can only be done via the App Store and not via the RSS feed. There, too, Spotify works best by working with Anchor, which is a proprietary service of Spotify that podcast makers can publish.

You can indicate which episodes should be paid, after which a special RSS feed is created. Listener can then open it in any suitable app. Subscribing via Spotify is also more fair: The person interested is sent to the podcast’s Anchor webpage, where the payment can be made. More on this at the edge On TechCrunch.

Meanwhile, it turns out Spotify isn’t really doing badly. In the first three months of this year, the number of users increased by 24% and now stands at 356 million users. Paid subscriptions increased 21% to 158 million. Certainly not bad, but according to CNET Analysts were expecting higher growth – and so Spotify is disappointing … (HVG)