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Google shows first screenshots of privacy overview for Play Store apps – tablets and phones – News

Google has shared the first screenshots of its upcoming privacy overview of apps in the Play Store. Displays information about how the application collects user data and whether it provides certain security measures.

google announced in May في That apps in the Play Store will receive a privacy overview, which includes privacy and security information. On Wednesday, Google showed screenshots of these overviews for the first time in Android developer blog, although the final design can still be modified prior to release.

The Privacy Overview allows users to see, among other things, the data the app collects, such as user activity or location data. The overview also informs you if data collection is necessary to use the app and if the data collected is shared with other companies. Developers can also decide how they use the collected data.

Pictures via google

The overview also shows certain security information about the app. For example, users can see if the app in question is encrypting users’ data, or whether users can delete their data. The privacy overview also shows whether the app has independently tested the app’s security measures. Users can also see if the app is suitable for children and families, based on its guidelines family policy.

Google said earlier that privacy statements in the Play Store should be presented in the first quarter of 2022. Developers will be able to add privacy information to the Play Store listings of their apps from October, but it won’t be shown to users until early 2022. Developers have until April 2022 to enter information.

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Follow add google Similar measures from Apple in its app store. Apple prominently displays “Privacy Stickers” before users install the app. These ratings also allow users to see what data the app collects. Privacy labels have become Since December last year Shown in the App Store.

An overview of privacy and security coming from the Google Play Store