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Google shuts down cash for climate deniers and fights...

Google shuts down cash for climate deniers and fights…


While Facebook is drowning in scandals, Google is keeping a close eye on things. After YouTube – a part of Google – previously announced that it would remove anti-skid videos, Google put global warming-denying Youtube sites and videos on dry seed. It seems noble, although they did not make the decision out of charity.

Arthur de Meyer

How do you make money from a website? One way is Google Ads. As a website owner, you basically allow Google to display ads on your website. Then you receive – based on the number of visitors and therefore the number of times the ads are shown – a portion of this advertising revenue.However, there are rules: Google does not show ads (and therefore does not allow you to make money) on sites that sow hate, spread computer viruses, scam surfers, share disinformation…etc”representative content‘ to present. The latter is a laundry list and is now a bit longer. “It includes content that rejects climate change as a hoax, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change,” she said. Specifically: Google will no longer show ads on YouTube videos and sites that deny that the world is warming. This way, the plant cannot make any money with it. It sounds noble in combating fake news and misinformation, but the decision worked. Advertisers just don’t want their ads next to this content (With False Claims About Climate Change, ed.) explained.” It was previously announced that Youtube is removing anti-fax videos from its platform.

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