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The world's fastest lawn mower reaches 230 km/h |  Leader

The world’s fastest lawn mower reaches 230 km/h | Leader

A Briton has set the world lawnmower speed record using a converted riding mower. Tony Edwards reached a top speed of at least 143.19 miles or 230.44 kilometers per hour using a lawn mower. He got a mention in the Guinness Book of Records.


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09-10-21, 17:41

Shropshire Star –

The retired engineer from St Martin in the West Midlands, England, started his business two years ago. “A Briton once set the speed record at 155 km/h. Team Honda improved this to 186 km/h. Some Norwegians in turn set this record more sharply at 212 km/h. I said to myself, why not try?” Shropshire Star. “I’ve been tinkering with motorcycles since I was 15.”

Edwards set out to rebuild his Honda lawn mower into a race car, step by step. Only a welder helped him develop the structure. The icing on the cake was a 1,300cc Suzuki engine that sends about 300 horsepower to the rear wheels. The total cost of Edwards’ stunt is more than 35,000 euros.

As a condition of entry into the Guinness Book of Records, Edwards was told that his riding mower still had to do what it was originally made for, which was to mow the lawn. To convince the Irish brewery of this, the engineer had to send some videos of him riding the four-wheeler on the lawn.

On August 22, he went to the former Elvington Air Force Base in York County where he made the record attempt. Edwards filmed his stunt and reached a top speed of 143.19 miles. He believed that going faster was possible, but that his safety was at risk. The front wheels got off the ground at times, which put his driving skills to the test. Now two months later, World record recognition fact.

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