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Google Translate Gets Support for 110 New Languages, Including Limburgish – IT Pro – News

Google Translate will support 110 new languages, including Limburg and Papiamento. Languages ​​are added using the Google PaLM 2 language model. According to Google, the 110 new languages ​​represent more than 614 million native speakers.

Limburg was recognized as a regional language in 1997, the province of Limburg wrote His websiteThe fact that the language is now also supported by Google Translate is very important, according to the province. “Being able to easily translate to and from Limburgish via smartphone or laptop helps everyone, especially young people, to use and experience the language,” says Jasper Kunzellers, deputy for culture and heritage.

Limburgish has many variants. Google Translate allows users to enter all variants and translate them into other languages. When translating into Limburgish, a mixture of the most commonly used variants is created.

Google uses PaLM 2 for new languages. According to the company The AI ​​model has been used to teach translation more efficiently for closely related languages, such as languages ​​very similar to Hindi or French. However, in the case of Limburg, there are few translated texts online that can be used for learning. That’s why Google has also collaborated with native speakers of these languages. In Limburg, the Limburg Academy and the province of Limburg have provided support.

In addition to Limburgish, Papiamento, a language widely spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, has also been added. Additionally, Cantonese, Manx spoken on the Isle of Man and Pakistani Punjabi have been added to the translation.

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