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Google unifies bug bounty programs in new platform – IT Pro – News

Google is introducing a new platform on which all bug bounty programs are united, called Bug Hunters. With this initiative, the search giant wants to stimulate the search for bugs and vulnerabilities and make its services more secure.

Google Bug Hunters Includes bug bounty software from Google, Android, Abuse, Chrome and Google Play. With the new platform, it should be according to google Facilitate reporting of loopholes and errors to the company.

The search giant is adding improvements that make it more attractive to find bugs and then report them to Google. Bug propagation will also be improved. There will also be national leaderboards, trophies, and badges on Google Bug Hunters to make the process more fun and a “healthy competitiveness”. Users are notified via new Boge Hunter University He also urged to identify mistakes and then improve.

Google mentioned on its blog page that it introduced the first bug bounty program on Chromium ten years ago. Since then, 11 055 errors have been resolved through notifications and thanks to 2022 researchers. More than $29 million was paid out in ten years.

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