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Gordon has a new boyfriend who is under 30 |  showbiz

Gordon has a new boyfriend who is under 30 | showbiz

showbizGordon Hawcroth has a new boyfriend. The 53-year-old Dutch singer and presenter has recently been in a relationship with 24-year-old Jeffrey de Visser.

Gordon reveals it to Shunyo. Jeffrey is a sales assistant at a luxury department store in The Hague, Netherlands. He completed his training as a beautician, but is currently studying. The two have been together for over a month.

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Gordon is already a TV phenomenon in the Netherlands and he’s on his way with us too. Gordon – the stage name of Cornelis Willem Heckroth – has already once passed as a participant in “The Smartest Person in the World”. His search for a husband in “Gordon Is Getting Married” drew Vitaya four years ago. But the Dutch singer seems to have launched a charm offensive across the border.

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This fall, along with Ingeborg and Natalia, he can be considered a jury member for “K2 looking K3” and at the beginning of this month he visited Peter Van de Veire and his award-winning store in “Het Rad”.

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