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Disney CEO subtly responds to pandemonium about 'Black Widow' |  showbiz

Disney CEO subtly responds to pandemonium about ‘Black Widow’ | showbiz

filmScarlett Johansson, 36, recently decided to sue Disney for releasing her new movie “Black Widow,” not only in theaters but also on streaming service Disney+. Bob Chuck, 60, the CEO of Disney, has now responded cautiously to the uproar.

Actress Scarlett Johansson believes that it is impossible for Disney studios to choose to release the new Marvel movie “Black Widow”, in which she stars not only in cinemas, but also on the Disney + streaming platform. This will not be the agreement. On top of her allegedly base salary of 17 million euros, the American actress also receives an amount for her leading role in the movie, which depends on the number of movie tickets sold. And according to Johansson, there are fewer than expected, because the film could also be streamed. Disney previously said everything went according to plan, describing the charges as “sad and heartbreaking”.

“everyone is happy”

Now Disney CEO Bob Chuck has responded to the commotion. “Disney has hundreds of appointments with talent, which have gone pretty smoothly,” he said. “These films were conceived in a period when there was no talk of COVID. Just as we have done many times before, we have now also found ways to fairly compensate our talents so that everyone is satisfied.” Although ‘everyone’ seems a bit optimistic thanks to Johansson’s suit. .

movie by movie

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“Black Widow” wasn’t the only movie that was simultaneously seen in theaters and on the streaming service. “Cruella”, “Raya and the Last Dragon” and “Jungle Cruise” also received this treatment. But the next two Disney films, “Free Guy” and “Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, will be released exclusively in theaters for 45 days. Chuck added that Disney will look at movie by movie in the future to see which release method is best. “Bob Iger (The Walt Disney Company President, Editor) and I are convinced that this is the right strategy. Release decisions are made film by film. In the future we will continue to make full use of all possible options.”

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