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Gray Hair was a huge hit at the Cannes Film Festival (so it's officially not something to be ashamed of!) |  style

Gray Hair was a huge hit at the Cannes Film Festival (so it’s officially not something to be ashamed of!) | style

From frequent haircuts to expensive hair products, there was a time when women spent a lot of money to hide their gray hair. They did everything they could to prevent their locks from revealing their age, but that is clearly a thing of the past now. Gray has been the true trend color since last year, from titanium and charcoal to steel gray. These big stars also proved it at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

Gray is awesome! This is proven by the Instagram page Silver Vixens, where gray faces are collected and liked. In addition, the Titanium hair color is the most desirable color by hairdressers. On the one hand, this is probably a leftover from the lockdown, when going to the hairdresser wasn’t an option for so long and many women had to rock their natural hair. On the other hand, it fits perfectly with the current movement that advocates self-love, challenges image retouching and encourages people to be their natural selves. So it’s great to see several stars shining on the red carpet with hairstyles in different shades of gray.

50 Shades of Gray

Andy McDowell (63 years old) looked stunning at the premiere of ‘Annette’. Her Prada dress and sparkly makeup have made her voluminous locks look even more beautiful, even though it was her hair that stole the show before.

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Actress Helen Mirren (75) looked chic in this elegant look. Her simple point in a light gray shade was a well-chosen addition, which, in our opinion, takes her colorful dress and jewelry to the next level. Baal and film director Taylor Hackford (76) also noted thatGray hair, don’t bother” something in 2021.

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Actress Jodie Foster (58) makes a beautiful couple with wife Alexandra Hedison (51). She is not afraid to show her true age, on the contrary, the light gray hair frames her face beautifully and makes her expressive eyes stand out even better.

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Foxes and foxes

In short, gray hair is fashionable. This applies to the version you buy at the drugstore as well as for natural, silver-colored locks. “Grey-haired women are still often looked down upon,” says anthropologist and storyteller Catherine Onegin (47). To put an end to this, Catherine invites women of all ages to share their thoughts via her Instagram page @silver_vixens. fifty gray faces In reality and in real life.

“Just as with thinner people, there are a lot of prejudices about gray-haired women,” Katherine previously told NINA. “It looks old so it is by definition Outside, no longer count. They let themselves go, not take care of themselves… Nonsense of course. Your hair color says nothing about who you are.”

“Men do not have these prejudices, at least not when it comes to turning gray. A man who turns gray becomes more respected, considered wiser and more attractive. The George Clooney effect.” There is even a name for such a man: Silver Fox. I first heard the term silver vixens through my friend Mickey – who also sported a gray head – who has been calling silver-haired women for a while now. Because it’s time for this handsome gray man to have a female counterpart, we chose the name Silver Vixens on Instagram. We want to show that turning gray is also more than acceptable for women. Moreover, she is just beautiful!”

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