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Netflix to set "Squid Game" scenes that display the current phone number |  showbiz

Netflix to set “Squid Game” scenes that display the current phone number | showbiz

Netflix will adapt some scenes from the popular series “Squid Game” – where an existing phone number can be seen. That BBC writes. The song’s owner was called flat after her appearance in the series and demanded action from the streaming service.

“We are working with the production company to resolve this issue, including adjusting the scenes in which the song appeared,” Netflix said in a statement. It is related to the number of a businesswoman from Seongju in southeastern South Korea.

The woman – who has previously wrongly stated that she is a man – said viewers call her more than 4,000 times a day. “At first I didn’t know what it was about. I’ve had this song for ten years, but a friend told me it was featured in the Squid Game song.”

For example, callers asked her if they could participate in the game that is central to the Squid game. Her number was on the business cards distributed in the first episode and she had to be summoned by the characters in order to participate in the series’ deadly survival game.

The nine-episode South Korean series focuses on a society in which a shadowy organization recruits debtors to compete in a seemingly childish series of games for a chance to win $38 million. ‘Squid Game’ is on its way to becoming one of the most-watched series of all time on Netflix.

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