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Green light for residential tower Sergison Bates Architects at Leuven Hertogensite

Green light for residential tower Sergison Bates Architects at Leuven Hertogensite

Hertogensite, in the lower town in central Leuven, will receive an extensive renovation in the coming years. The entire site, a plot of approximately seven hectares, will be redeveloped with newly built apartments, green spaces, and projects related to heritage and cultural buildings. The futuristic performing arts hall will also find its place on the Hertogensite.

hexagonal residential tower

The Hertog II residential tower will contain 42 apartments and penthouses with an area of ​​200 square meters spread over eleven floors. Two commercial spaces will be built on the ground floor. The tower was designed by architecture firm Sergison Bates, the firm also responsible for the plans for the performing arts hall.

β€œThe London architects ensure that the Duke II is included in the historical context of the site,” says Olivier van ‘t Hof from project developer Resiterra. “The hexagonal tower reflects the unique geometry of some of the listed buildings in the immediate vicinity.”

A residential tower is currently being built by another British architect on the Hertogen site. Especially Duke I designed by David Chipperfield Architects.

2.5 hectares of public space

In addition to the new residential tower, project developer Resiterra also plans to create a new public park, suitable for a total of 2.5 hectares of public space. Wirtz, the world-renowned landscape office, designed the design. The 1.6 hectare city central park with lawn sloping towards the banks of the Diggle River is a central resting point. The selected tree species ensures ecological diversity. Two catering establishments for the neighborhood and residents will be built on the new Sint-Raphaelplein in front of Hertog II.

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Construction of the Hertog II Tower will begin after the construction holiday this summer. The population should be able to relocate by the end of 2025.