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Greg van Avermaet: "Let's see what race they're still running on World Cup Day" |  cycling world championship

Greg van Avermaet: “Let’s see what race they’re still running on World Cup Day” | cycling world championship

The coach of the national team, Sven Vanthornhout, announced this morning the formation of the World Cup team, a team without Anisen Greg van Avermaet.

“It’s a huge disappointment,” he admits. “I’ve had 14 years, and just now, in my country, I’m not part of the choice. That’s not good news.”

Van Avermate is a flat driver. “I secretly wished, but also felt the news myself. With my natural level, I was among the first on the selection paper.”

“I haven’t gotten injured often in my career, I’ve struggled with my health lately. You can’t control it. I’ve started racing better in the last days, which is not enough to be at the start unfortunately.”

Greg Van Avermaet has a lot of racing experience. “I’ve already competed in the World Cup in tournaments less suitable for me. Just think of Innsbruck. And that’s why I was so looking forward to this World Cup: the first time in my country, on a track that suits me,” sighs the 2016 Olympic champion.

“The eight riders out there deserve their pick,” Van Avermaet believed. “Unfortunately, the national coach had to disappoint two seniors like me and Philip (Gilbert, editor).”

“I intend to turn the knob as soon as possible and ride a good Paris-Roubaix. I want to get my level up there again, because if I’m okay I usually always finish in the top five or top ten of a track.”

Finally, what does Greg van Avermaet do on Sunday, September 26, the day of the big World Cup? “I’ll see if there’s no match elsewhere,” he laughs. “Otherwise I’m going to sit in front of the tube feeling bad.”

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