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Groen upset after 'cliched ideas' about energy policy Zohal Demi...

Groen upset after ‘cliched ideas’ about energy policy Zohal Demi…

Groene was upset by the statement of the Flemish Minister of Environment and Energy, Zuhal Demir, on Radio 1, this morning. “Our country’s energy policy is miserable,” said the N-VA minister there.

“We are very disappointed that a minister reacts with such nonsense towards Belgium’s federal energy policy,” said Stav Aerts. VRTNWS. Ayertz is a Member of Parliament for the Green Party. That is, while we need a Flemish minister involved in this energy transition. In the end we can only do this together.

Gas stations files must go fast

The minister’s statement came after a paragraph about the files of four gas-fired power plants that she will have to judge this fall. I don’t want to be late. I have given a signal to all the agencies giving advice that I want to move quickly. The first file, for the gas-fired power plant in Delsim-Stochem, will be decided within two weeks.

You have clearly described our country’s energy policy as “the cunt”. “It’s not going well. Regardless of all the party dogmas and ideology, let’s hit the reset button and see the energy policy we need. We must start from three principles: affordability, adequate energy and environmental impact. From Flanders we are investing heavily in Wind power, solar power, thermal grids. And we will continue to do so. But we also have to look at what we must do next: gas-fired power plants, nuclear power…?’

Not done with 3M

In addition, Demir also returned to investigation committee Friday about PFOS contamination in the Flemish Parliament. 3M’s top players danced skillfully around the hype. “I find it hallucinatory that the company that has been here for years is not providing any answers to the parliamentary inquiry committee which has so many questions,” Demir said on Saturday morning. Radio 1. I’ve had these questions for several months as well, but I’m noticing the same thing as deputies. If I then see the kind of unanswered people there give: it gives me a tremendous feeling that people are blocking things out. I wonder why people don’t want to say certain things. We’re not quite done with 3M yet.”

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