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Guatemala wants to reunite 2,000 children with parents in the United States


The government of the Central American country of Guatemala is going to find about 2,000 children in the United States who can be reunited with their parents. On Sunday (local time) President Alejandro Chiamate said it would enable safe and legal immigration.

Proof: Belgian

“Guatemalan children already in the United States have a legal right to go there. They do not have to pay a ‘coyote’ (human trafficker, et al.),” President Noti told Television.

That’s why, in the coming weeks, about 2,000 juveniles will be searched across the country. “We will begin the formalization process that will allow them to travel legally to the United States,” Giamotte said.

The truck tilted

The report comes days after more than 50 immigrants were killed in a truck crash in Mexico that was trying to enter the United States. Most of the victims were from Guatemala.

The move could be implemented “after checking America’s final list,” it still sounds. “Flights with evacuees may be used to transport children to their parents.”

Thousands of Guatemalans leave their home countries each year in an attempt to build a better life in the United States. In 2019, the United States sent 54,599 people by air to Central America.

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