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Gummers: Coming soon advice on getting two different shots

Gummers: Coming soon advice on getting two different shots

The Health Board will soon advise on getting two different coronavirus vaccines. That’s what IC doctor Diederik Gommers expects, he says on the BNR Ask Gommers podcast. If you are vaccinated with Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna, you will get the same shot twice, but in different countries they are already trying to combine the AstraZeneca vaccine with the mRNA vaccine.

At the moment, this is not possible in the Netherlands: “Not yet,” says Diederik Gommers. “I expect that advice will come soon.” Because Gommers also see a huge positive effect if you are vaccinated against the Coronavirus with two different vaccines. The research was carried out, mainly in Spain and Great Britain. There they looked at whether it was smart to give an mRNA vaccine after AstraZeneca. In this study, this is Pfizer. Also checked if you can get a shot with AstraZeneca after a shot with Pfizer. The first results, published in May, looked primarily at side effects.

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More side effects

The researchers’ question was whether you noticed more or fewer side effects after receiving two different vaccines. According to Gommers, this shows that you actually get more side effects with these two groups: “You see that the number of side effects is increasing. Fatigue, headache, general malaise and muscle pain are especially noted when taking such a mixture. The question is whether you will develop more antibodies when you receive two different vaccines. We are eagerly awaiting the results of this. After knowing the results, the intensive care physician will expect an immediate consultation from the Board of Health.

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Also in the Netherlands, it is now being tested whether people can receive two different coronavirus vaccines. Last week, four major Dutch hospitals, including Erasmus MC, announced that they would start this.

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