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Windows 11 gets a lot of gaming features like Xbox Game Pass

Windows 11 will focus on gaming as Microsoft adds three gaming-focused features to the new operating system.

The first and most important gaming feature added in Windows 11 is the Xbox Game Pass integration. Just as Xbox Game Pass was slowly integrated into the Game Bar in Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass will be fully supported once the new operating system is released. According to Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass will be “included with Windows 11”. The Xbox app on Windows 11 is available to Xbox Cloud Gaming subscribers through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. This is an upgrade of the existing Xbox Cloud Gaming app on PC, which currently only works through a browser.

Meanwhile, Xbox Cloud Gaming is also coming to Xbox One soon.

As for the other two game features on Windows 11, these are Auto HDR and DirectStorage API.

For Auto HDR, thousands of HDR-supported games are automatically optimized when you run them on Windows 11. Screenshots showed a comparison of the normal graphics of Skyrim And the HDR copy is automatic. Of course, upgrading the graphics is very simple. Microsoft claims that more than a thousand games support this feature – something that does not require the participation of any developer.

As for the DirectStorage API, we know that this feature will come to both Xbox and PC. This technology will help increase read and write speeds, significantly reduce load times and allow developers to create games with large, expansive, open worlds, with more detail and less padding.

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Although Microsoft does not have an exact release date for the new operating system yet, owners of the original Windows 10 operating system Can upgrade for free This holiday is 2021.