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Gunter Levy goes for hair transplantation again: "Bald ...

Gunter Levy goes for hair transplantation again: “Bald …

Singer and actor Gunter Levy (45) was implanted again five years after the first time. “I’ve been thinking about doing something about it for two years now. Nobody has to tell me what I can or can’t do. For my business, it’s not possible to shave everything off,” says the ‘Family’ representative on Day All.

The Romeo singer traveled to Turkey in 2015 to treat his extremely poor haircut. Then he transplanted hair at the front. Günther has now undergone a second treatment in Hasselt, this time to treat his bald crown. “I had success planning with ‘family’ and ‘like me,’ so the moment was there,” he says.

The actor continues, “Dr. Faraidooni has made new ‘plantations’ among the transplanted hairs.” “This is a very cool business. It should be like that, because for my business it is not possible to shave everything.”

He does not hide the fact that Gunther is a foolish man. “There are guys who are good looking, but I don’t have the brain for that. So why shouldn’t I do anything about it?” the actor said.

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