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'When Kevin Jansens got into my car, he said, 'I hate interviews.' Damn'

‘When Kevin Jansens got into my car, he said, ‘I hate interviews.’ Damn’

After six guest seasons the home Perfect where they are when they step over a doormat: 24 Hours in a Villa Closet with Eric Goins, who examines every fabric of their existence.

Who was the guy who was so hard to get this time?

“I had to hunt for Marco Borsato for a few years.”

in a the home He was shown a video of his first appearance during his military service in Germany.

“He just didn’t fall off his bar stool when he saw it. I owe these videos to researcher Kim’s talent. She can find hidden gems that no one else can find. You don’t have to look for them in TV archives, it was ransacked a while ago.” Long.But there will always be an aunt or ex-teacher who still has VHS tapes in a locker somewhere.We were also able to find a home movie of this sort by Kevin Janssens, from the time he was still living in a video store.Not watched This video itself.

He is usually not very eager to expose his soul in interviews.

When he got into my car, he told me ‘I hate interviews.’ Damn, I thought. But it turned out to be an incredibly beautiful episode. I seriously had to remake my image of a tough macho. He even talked about his biological father. Given Kevin’s legendary reservation, I can imagine not many people know that story yet.

“This is still magic the home: Something always happens, and it seems inevitable. And that definitely doesn’t come with screws or wine bottles. It is about security and trust. My guests know: here I have the place and the time to tell my whole story.”

Did Wendy Van Wanten feel safe enough to tell you who the father of her son Clement is?

(accurately) I won’t say anything about it now, look. When I went to pick her up, we agreed on two things: Wendy stayed at home, I took Iris Vandenkerkov with me. She was banned from using minification or making obscene comments. Wendy by PinUp Club We know now, but in the home Did you tell me things that made me think: Why am I now learning about this? ”

Have you ever tried Kings in the home to get?

“Yeah. Once almost done. He was outside the royal family at the time – you know who I’m talking about. I didn’t even have to go through the palace to communicate with him anymore. But then all of a sudden it came to a close with the royal family. Next time you I called him, it looked like: (with a French accent) “I would like to ask you to contact the palace press office.” Then I knew: it was over and he went out. I would never agree to an interview if I had to stick to the seven pre-approved questions on the file card.”

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