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Haaksbergen works on biodiversity in public spaces

Haaksbergen works on biodiversity in public spaces

Haxbergen – Haxbergen municipality It strives for more biodiversity in the coming years. Not only in rural areas, but also in urban areas in particular. In other words, more flowers, bees, butterflies, and other insects. Because insects do not do well in the Netherlands, although they are very important to nature. To help the flowers and bees a little, the flower seeds are sown and trimmed less and differently.

More biodiversity

In the last summer, plants, shrubs, and trees have all suffered a drought. Dehydration is a risk to insects. That’s why the municipality and Twente Milieu will, in part at the insistence of cooperating nature organizations, create a better living environment for the little creatures. This is important for a number of reasons. As food for birds, for example, insects are an important part of nature’s cycle. They are also natural enemies of the lovable little oak Parade caterpillars.

Planting flower mixtures

Flowers and herbs attract bees, butterflies, beetles, and other insects. That is why a mixture of flowers was planted and bulbs were planted. The flowers appear in all kinds of places in Haaksbergen, at the entrances of neighborhoods, in visible locations, in the town cemetery or in large meadows, such as Park De Blanckenborgh. The great thing is that the flowers are useful and they are also very beautiful!

Less cut

Haaksbergen has a dedicated space for flowers and herbs. Lawns and road sides will now be clipped less often or no longer completely clipped. Logically, this is not about lawns that have been designated as a playground. Larger fields that the different clipping policy applies to will now be provided with an info tag with further explanation. These fields are only clipped a few times a year, and moreover, the strips are sometimes skipped. This way there is always a living space for nearby insects. The edges of the lawn are mowed more often. This is to prevent lawn from growing over driveways in parks. Mowing droppings are removed so that the weeds can grow better. The work is carried out by Twente Milieu on behalf of the municipality.

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Help from residents

In recent years, volunteers from different nature organizations in Haaksbergen have already planted flower seeds along the roadsides along the roads. Residents can contribute, too. For example, by planting a mixture of flowers in their garden and planting flower bulbs. It is also best for flowers and herbs to thoroughly clean your dog’s feces.