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We've gotten less and more on IQ tests, so have we really got dumb?  -

We’ve gotten less and more on IQ tests, so have we really got dumb? –

For a long time, people’s average IQ has risen, especially in the West. The average score on the test increased by three points per decade. After 1975 that changed. This may have something to do with changes in education.

Our increase in IQ is mainly due to improvements in health and nutrition, better education, working conditions, and better access to technology.

But since 1975, IQ has decreased by 0.2 points per year, as shown, among other things studies In Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. These results are difficult to interpret, but there is doubt that this is due to the different education of children in school.

Nowadays, children learn facts, histories and less literature, you might say classical education. They are able to learn huge amount of information, solve equations without algebra homework help, write poems, and do CPR. They are now more educated in a problem-solving approach that places more emphasis on working together to solve problems and less on the skills required for IQ tests.

It may also be linked to poorer eating patterns. A healthy lifestyle is also associated with a somewhat higher average IQ. Finally, people who score higher on IQ tests often have fewer children.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is so. Obviously, a lower IQ does not necessarily mean that humanity is becoming less intelligent, but only that people score lower on IQ tests. And this is exactly what you understand with intelligence.

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