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Hackers steal data of 33 million French people from payment processors – IT Pro – News

To explain how this works in France and why this is such a big deal.

In France, you have the following actors in the field of social security:

  • “La Securité Sociale” which in Belgium is health insurance funds (known colloquially as “mutality”).
  • Private health insurance (so-called “mutuelles” – so not the same definition as in Belgium)
  • Healthcare providers, doctors, ophthalmologists, opticians, dentists, pharmacists, etc
  • the patient

These types of payment platforms are therefore not available for business-to-consumer transactions.
They are the link between private health insurance, health service providers and the patient.
Private insurance companies reimburse the patient (a percentage) for the difference between the actual costs of care and what the health fund paid.
Therefore, these platforms are not used by the patient, who pays his doctor using his blue card, cash or check (oh yes, they are still widely used); They only serve to refund money.

But back to the hack. In order to carry out these transactions, they need your citizen service numbers/social security number, and your private and banking details.
In France, a lot depends on your citizen service number, and this combined with your bank details opens up an opportunity for phishing and other nasty things.

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