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Hairemans took a jab: 'You don't do that as friends'

Hairemans took a jab: 'You don't do that as friends'

KV Mechelen are currently on the road, which is where things finally took a turn for the worse about two weeks ago towards the Champions Qualifiers. The blow hit Rod Gill hard, as Heermans looked back.

Terrible series with no happy ending

First and foremost: KV Mechelen had an amazing run after the new year. The fact that her fate was in her hands on the final day of the match could only be described as somewhat of a miracle.

But Malinoa's history is one in which the race to a top-flight play-off has often gone wrong as it approaches the finish line, something that is still fresh in the memories of many of the club's traditional fans. The fact that it didn't work out again now was a bitter pill to swallow.

“Don't do anything like that guys.”

Hermans admitted that the group also had to recover from the blow GVA. “It was calm. We are friends with each other. So don't blame each other. After all those unbeaten matches, we were so ecstatic that this setback came as a complete surprise.” (sigh) We scored easily again and conceded almost no goals. But at the most unfavorable moment, exactly the opposite happened.

European qualifiers began this weekend, but Heermans was not at peace yet. “Everyone was really impressed by it. Speaking for myself, I call this the biggest disappointment of my career.” Emotional as it seemed, today Heiermans started on the bench.

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