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One thing is certain: Anderlecht won't win it all, but they will be very difficult to beat - Football News

One thing is certain: Anderlecht won't win it all, but they will be very difficult to beat – Football News

Mark van Bommel is a man who has done everything in his career to win and he freely admitted that his experienced players would have done the same thing as Thorgan Hazard in this situation. But the stage also symbolizes the new Anderlecht: cunning, cunning and full of 'bastards'.

We wrote earlier this season that Brian Rimmer killed almost every rabbit in and around Brussels. But you can no longer attribute this to pure luck. This season, the amount was surprisingly reduced in favor of Anderlecht.

Ghent, Genk, Antwerp… These are just a few matches in the regular tournament that immediately come to mind, but there were more. That equalizer in the final seconds against KV Kortrijk, when they were ten goals ahead. I struggle to stay with ten guys and still win. The win in Charleroi, where Raman got his foot over the goal line to score the opening goal…

Loafers…just ask in Bruges why Vormer was so popular

It's actually quite incredible when you look at it all. But this Anderlecht doesn't have to be good to win. The team's professionalism has increased significantly compared to last season. Then everything fell on Jan Vertonghen's shoulders.

Vertonghen is not a member of the chorus on the pitch, make no mistake. However, add Schmeichel, Delaney and even Hazard to that and you have enough 'poison' in your team to win such matches. They call them scoundrels. Well, ask in Bruges why Road Former is so popular there.

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Do everything to win. Just as Hazard did the moment he saw Vendal nod. Put Delaney or Schmeichel in there and they'll groan too until the referee gets suspicious.

No, Anderlecht's form was not good before half-time and with eleven against eleven, but they still somehow took the lead. This is what we lacked in recent seasons, and now it is present in abundance.

Anderlecht are an ambitious team, but it could be worse for them

Anderlecht won't win everything in these qualifiers, but they will be very difficult to beat. They don't give anything. When Antwerp launched a promising counter-attack and Ilyinykhina departed, Delaney, who had just entered, suddenly appeared to tackle the young striker to the ground.

Yellow, but the danger has passed. Who would have done that last season? That's right, no one! Anderlecht are becoming an exciting team to play against. No one likes to play against these “bastards”, but it will be bad for all of them. Results, that's what's at the helm of Brian Rimmer's board.