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Haji and Stroykens shine, and Ghent disappoints him

Haji and Stroykens shine, and Ghent disappoints him

As usual, there are plenty of football matches on Monday night in the Belgian U-23 League. Thus, the stakes are especially high this season, because the top four can participate in the 1B from 2021-2022. Leader Anderlecht has already done an excellent job. Although she needed the help of a few experienced workers from Brussels A-core.

The U21 team from RSC Anderlecht has acquired KV Mechelen at home. With El Hadj, Struykens, Sardella, Arnstad, Dibast, Verbruggen and Kolasin, several players have started from Anderlecht as well. Soon it became clear the excess of experience with the home team. Arnstad opened the scoring two minutes later, and Stroykens added the second goal fifteen minutes earlier. KV Mechelen breathed.

In the second half, Anderlecht gradually took the measure of Mechelen’s youth. The second goal from Stroykens was followed by a superb goal from Ait El Hadj. After a few minutes, the Stroykens took possession of the entire match, and managed to pull off a hat-trick. Because of the 5-0 win, Neerpede Products booked 25 out of 27.

KAA Gent Spill Pips

As mentioned earlier, a place in the top four is vital for 1A teams. However, the KAA Gent guys did a poor job of ranking. They did not get past a 1-1 draw at Antwerp. As a result, Ghent lost his fourth place (for now) to Standard, who won the Charleroi. Club NXT will not be playing this week due to the Youth League. However, the first match between NXT and Anderlecht is scheduled for next week.

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