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Hamilton doubts Verstappen's mistake: 'I'm totally skeptical'

Hamilton doubts Verstappen’s mistake: ‘I’m totally skeptical’

The final race of the season will be a real movie. Title contenders Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton each start with different tires and form the front rows of the grid together. World Champion Lewis Hamilton is still skeptical and skeptical about Red Bull’s strategy.

It looks like Verstappen would have set his quickest time in Q2 on the yellow mid-range. But he held back, causing him to collide with huge flat areas. His team has decided that he will be riding his next mission in Red softs. He set his fastest time with this and so he has to start in that frame. Hamilton starts in the middle.

question marks

And so Hamilton wonders about Verstappen’s flat score. At the press conference, he was clear: “It’s very rare for someone to brake in Turn One. But if they really make a mistake in Turn One, we may have an advantage, or a disadvantage, with the tyres. Or maybe we know they’re something we don’t know and that matters Softcore has been their plan all along.”


The Briton wonders what the thorn was like: “I’m always very skeptical about things like this. So it will be very interesting when we get back to the team. We will look at all the information and all the items on the boards.”

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