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Hosts dismiss complaints from Mercedes, Verstappen remains world champion |  Formula 1

Hosts dismiss complaints from Mercedes, Verstappen remains world champion | Formula 1

According to Mercedes, the race management did not apply the rules during the yellow flag condition in the closing rounds of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The German team indicated to the jury’s Article 48.8 of the Sports Regulations that a driver may not overtake him until he crosses the line after the safety car has left the track.

According to Mercedes, Verstappen did. Just before they were allowed to race, Verstappen and Hamilton walked hand in hand by playing the throttle. And according to Red Bull, that has nothing to do with overtaking. Before they really got to the accelerator, Verstappen once again settled in Hamilton’s footsteps.

The jury followed the reasoning and dismissed Mercedes’ protest: “Verstappen did come in front of Hamilton for a moment, but that happened when both drivers were changing the throttle.”

What’s left: Mercedes’ protest against the race management’s decision to allow duplicate cars to overtake the safari. First, the race management announced that she was not allowed to do so, much to the chagrin of Red Bull. This was then allowed and Verstappen was able to nestle in leader Hamilton’s footsteps. With a return as a result.

This protest by Mercedes also yielded nothing. “Because the race director has the authority to control the vehicle’s safe condition.”

Mercedes asked if the score could not be frozen after the penultimate lap, and Hamilton was the winner. This does not happen. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix score is kept, a score that gives Verstappen the world title.

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Mercedes is considering an appeal procedure. She has 96 hours to do so.