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Harry from House Made crawled out of a deep ravine: 'When I couldn't take it anymore, I was accepted' |  showbiz

Harry from House Made crawled out of a deep ravine: ‘When I couldn’t take it anymore, I was accepted’ | showbiz

showbizHarry Decamps (26) and Gerina Malfitt (29) were one of the losers on VTM’s ‘House Made’, but due to the collection drive, the Kortrijk couple now have more than €123,000 in their bank account. Although money was never the most important thing in the lives of these two young parents. Harry was bullied at school for many years and still suffers from the consequences. “It all came out in one big fly, during the time I had panic attacks and rage attacks,” he says in Humo.

Harry and Jerina have been living on a pink cloud for several weeks since two strangers started fundraising for them. Despite the great joy they are feeling now, they are also receiving a lot of jealous reactions. “Unfortunately, there is a dark side to that,” Harry tells Homo. “Wow, so elegant!” We said. “Everyone is behind us!” But once that money is there, sometimes that’s not the case anymore. We have already received some envious reactions, even from friends and acquaintances. When I notice that someone I love is simply having trouble congratulating me, it hurts so much.”

Harry and Grena with their children Fidel and Ono. © RV

great experience

Although these reactions cannot be compared to what Harry experienced in his youth. “I went to a lot of schools, every time I had to leave because of my bad points. And in every school I was bullied hard. Everywhere. Even when there are loved ones around me, I still feel very lonely. In one of the last schools I attended I was bullied by teachers. And by my class teacher.”

Harry and Grena became parents at a young age which required them to grow up very quickly. Also due to the problems Harry faced in his youth, the early years as a married couple were a big test. Harry: “I was on the inside, I packed it all in. Everything just came out, in one big fly, during the time I had panic attacks and tantrums. Then I was accepted, because I didn’t see it all anymore. Just to say: Our relationship really started in a gigantic valley.

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