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Have you spotted this editing error in Don't Search?  |  Movie

Have you spotted this editing error in Don’t Search? | Movie

On December 24, Adam McKay’s highly anticipated black comedy Don’t Look Up starring Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill premiered on Netflix. The cast alone was enough to attract a lot of attention to the film, and now the editing has also been scrutinized by a committed fan.

In Don’t Look Up, DiCaprio and Lawrence star as two scientists trying to warn Earth of impending disaster. They discover that a massive comet is on a collision course with our planet. The satirical comedy has already received four nominations for the 2022 Golden Globe Award.

But somewhere in the middle of the movie, 1 hour and 28 minutes later to be exact, the viewer discovers a small editing error. At some point, for example, the entire film crew can be seen. Comedian director, Adam McKay, responded to the comment on Twitter, writing, “Well spotted!” He went on to reveal that this “mistake” was intentionally left there, as an ode to the film’s bizarre experience.

The appearance of the crew was drawn to the attention of some TikTok users on social media, including Ben K√∂hler: “Hey everyone, I was watching Don’t Look Up,” Ben said during the video posted to Facebook. Posted on December 26. “And at 1 hour 28 minutes 10 seconds, it looks like you can see the entire movie crew standing there, for about three or four frames.” In the clip, to which Ben captioned the word “oopsy,” he continued, “They might have been thinking, ‘Oh, they might not have noticed.'” ” Yes.” For only a split second, you actually see the masked film crew standing in the background.

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