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Heinz launches a new pickle-flavored ketchup  To eat

Heinz launches a new pickle-flavored ketchup To eat

The latest flavor from popular sauce manufacturer Heinz is “Pickle Ketchup” and combines the “spicy and savory” taste of pickles with the “unmistakable taste” of ketchup. The latest version will appear in supermarkets from early 2024.

Heinz says it developed this seasoning to “satisfy fans’ hunger for unique, elevated and nuanced taste experiences.” According to a study cited by Heinz, the popularity of pickles is high: 73 percent of Americans said they enjoy the taste of pickles.

“The growing desire for delicious and unexpected condiments has been our guiding force for innovation in recent years,” said Katie Peterson, director of Heinz Innovation at Kraft Heinz.

Companies have been creating crazy flavors for years to interest consumers. While sometimes quirky combinations may not be meant to generate high sales numbers, they can lead to brand recognition and promotion, which often translates into better sales numbers.

This strategy does not always work. A purple ketchup experiment conducted by Heinz in 2000 did not last long on store shelves.

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