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Helmut Lotti chooses the Italian again: "I want to make the summer brighter" |  Music

Helmut Lotti chooses the Italian again: “I want to make the summer brighter” | Music

MusicAfter months of waiting for better times, Helmut Lotte, 51, is happy to present his new single “Tarantella” at last. The song is a nod to the popular and cheerful Italian dance, which inspired him to write songs and melody. “Tarantella” is also on the album “Italian Songbook” which will be released on September 3.

With over 770,000 copies of “Helmut Lotti Goes Classic” sold, the singer still has the best-selling album of all time in Belgium to his name. The “Italian Songbook” seamlessly fit in with the success of that time, because Helmut regularly went on the Italian tour.

Listen to “Tarantella” here.

“The Italian ‘songbook’ derives its name from some of the most beautiful Italian melodies,” says Helmut. “You know, those romantic melodies that everyone knows. I enjoyed very much their selection, reorganization and above all interpreting them in my own way, especially in Italian. I can’t wait to bring all the songs live on stage to the audience by the Golden Symphony Orchestra. In the meantime, I hope To make everyone’s summer brighter with my “Tarantella” song.

Helmut will soon visit the national and international forums again. After touring Belgium, she will visit the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Austria from February 2022.

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