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More than 30 top artists will be attending live music for 10 hours on Red Nose Day |  showbiz

More than 30 top artists will be attending live music for 10 hours on Red Nose Day | showbiz

This Friday will be the apotheosis of the final week of Red Nose Day. Qmusic welcomes Karim from Flemish and international music theater who would like to contribute. We hear Clouseau, Bart Peters, Gears Bardel, Reggie Pauline, Milo, Davina Michel, Portland, Clemens, Van Geel, Hoverphonic, Benson Bohn, Helmut Lottie, and many more. For ten hours, they prepared music for the special broadcast of De Rode Neuzen Dag Playlist. Everything can be followed live on Qmusic Radio, online at and, via the Q app, but also on TV at VTM and the Qmusic channel.

Qmusic DJs Martin Fanquili and Dorothy Dawe will officially start 10 hours of live music at 8am. Vincent Ferenc and Julie van den Steen will take the microphone from 12 pm to 6 pm. The four presenters are super excited: “We’re incredibly looking forward to putting all those great promotions and reviewed specials into the picture. Friday’s marathon with all the live music and interventions is sure to be fantastically beautiful and emotional. Let’s all wow, blast, and combine 2.2 million euros!”

Reggie and Pauline open the marathon broadcast and perform Red Nose Day “Lost Without You” live. Throughout the day, listeners’ requests are performed live by the artists present. Meanwhile, the radio station also draws attention to the testimonies of listeners and activists.

Red Nose Playlist

Qmusic has put its entire playlist up for sale since Saturday 20th November. Listeners can request an order number until Friday, November 26, at 6 pm via SMS number 4666. The cost of one message is 1 euro, the entire proceeds of which will go to Red Nose Day. Over the course of the week, reporters Laura Tesoro, Vincent Ferenc, Julie van den Steen and Ambassador Birgit van Mol flew across Flanders to put the campaigns in the spotlight and report directly on them.

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the artist

The list of artists who will perform live at Qmusic on Friday looks impressive: 2 Fabiola, Archie X, Bart Peeters, Benson Boone, Cleymans & Van Geel, Clouseau, Cookies & Cream, Davina Michelle, Emmy d’Arc, Flemming, Jers Bardell, Grace, Helmut Lottie, Hoverphonic, Isabel A, Jaap and Pomlin, Kate Ryan, Luca, Maxim, Mart Hogkammer, Metigour, Milo Miskins, Milo, Ola, Olivia, Pomlin, Portland, Reggie on Boleyn, Rolf Sanchez, Snelle, the Starlings, and Tine Oltmans, Wim Soutaer and many more.

How much was earned?

Also on Friday, November 26th, VTM will be broadcasting ‘Love for Music Special’ at 8.40pm, an episode full of special stories of young people and teachers who have made a difference for them. Immediately after the episode follows the big moment: the announcement of the final result for Red Nose Day 2021, live on VTM. The organizers are aiming for a profit of 2.2 million euros. With this, Sidekick Sam can be trained at the Red Nose Academy in every school in Flanders.

Red Nose Day is an initiative of VTM, HLN, Qmusic and Belfius. If you would like to organize a business or make a donation, you can visit

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