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Helmut Marco Ricciardo denies rumors of ultimatum

Helmut Marco Ricciardo denies rumors of ultimatum

On Monday, a rumor emerged from New Zealand that Daniel Ricciardo's position in Formula 1 was in jeopardy. According to the rumour, the Australian could lose his place if he doesn't perform in the next two races. Helmut Marko denies this rumor of an ultimatum in a conversation

The next two races will be held in Asia in Japan and China. New Zealand Herald Released on Monday, if Daniel Ricciardo doesn't perform, his national hero Liam Lawson will take his seat. “If Ricciardo loses his place, Liam Lawson will drive for the Racing Bulls from Miami. For now, it looks like he will drive there until the end of the season,” the letter said. New Zealand Herald.

Red Bull content pool (Getty Images)

Marco: “This story is bullshit.”

In a conversation with Helmut Marko refers the story to the realm of myth from New Zealand. He insists there was no ultimatum for Ricciardo and suspects the speculation may have stemmed from the fact Ricciardo had to skip the first free practice of the Japanese GP. Japanese driver Ayunu Iwasa will drive his car during the first practice session of his home GP. The racing bulls do this so that there will be at least one session in which the two Japanese are in action, as the Grand Prix is ​​held at the home of motorcycle manufacturer Honda. Iwasa driving is said to have been planned for some time and therefore has nothing to do with Daniel Ricciardo's performance.

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