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You will never guess which car brand is most loved in America

You will never guess which car brand is most loved in America

What is America's most loved car brand? The answer will surprise you, because it's not Tesla. And no BMW or Porsche. Mercedes then? No, far from it.

Consumer organization Consumer Reports has been testing cars for more than 85 years. From this point of view, we are still in diapers. The Consumers Association of America also regularly publishes various lists. For example, very reliable cars. The latest list is about America's most beloved car brands. And many things stand out.

Rivian is the car brand that tops the list of most loved car brands. A relatively new brand from California, like Tesla, only designs and manufactures electric cars. These are currently the Rivian R1S (a large SUV) and the Rivian R1D (a large pick-up). Less than 86 percent of owners indicate they would buy the brand again if they had to replace their current car. This is the highest percentage among all 29 car brands that appeared in the satisfaction survey. Also, Rivian achieves a high satisfaction score.

Rivian scored high in driving, but not so well Tesla, which tops this category. Rivian also manages to score points in the comfort zone.

By 2026, the existing Rivian models will be joined by a compact SUV. That's the Rivian R2, the competitor Tesla Model Y. The car will also come to the Netherlands, but not until 2027, and then there is also the Rivian R3, but it is not yet known whether it will come to our country (but we hope so).

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Mini is rising fast

Consumer Reports lists the biggest increase Mini13 to 2, just behind Rivian. 77 percent of owners are satisfied or very satisfied with their Mini Cooper, Mini Clubman Mini Countryman That they would buy a mini again. BMW is in the top 5. Porsche And Tesla. Luxury brands Genesis and Lexus are ranked 6th and 7th respectively. All mentioned brands achieve a repeat purchase percentage of over 70 percent.

When it comes to driving characteristics, like the BMW and Genesis, the Porsche gets top marks in terms of comfort.

Volkswagen and Nissan are doing poorly

Where there are winners there are losers. Infiniti, for example, is a luxury brand Nissan 1 hangs at the bottom of the list with a satisfaction score. Another 43 percent of Infiniti drivers say they would buy one again. Their owners are especially disappointed in terms of comfort.

Nissan also underperforms at 27th. Poor performance is even more remarkable Volkswagen, which has earned us a good reputation in Europe. The brand comes in second to last with a satisfaction score of 2. According to the owners, especially the driving characteristics leave much to be desired.

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Americans think Mercedes is too expensive

Audi and Mercedes These brands also failed to please their buyers as they finished in the lower regions of 24th and 25th place. Audi scores low in terms of interior storage space (Americans always use it for their milkshakes and coffee—go for it).

You will never guess which car brand is most loved in America
You will never guess which car brand is most loved in America

Toyota, what are you doing now?

Toyota A bit disappointing. The Japanese brand often tops satisfaction surveys, but this time it had to finish 12th, tied with Chevrolet, Honda and Ram.

The fact that the Ram does reasonably well relates to the test item 'cabin storage', the interior storage space. You can fit a lot of junk in larger pickups and have more cup holders than buttons. Luggage space is not included, so no points are awarded for the enormous cargo box.

330,000 vehicle owners participated in the survey. Most models have a production year of 2021-2023, but some are even from 2024. The satisfaction score is based on the percentage of owners who would buy the same brand again without question, considering performance, reliability, comfort and driving characteristics. .