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Hessa in France after President Macron's statements: "I want to bully the unvaccinated"

Hessa in France after President Macron’s statements: “I want to bully the unvaccinated”

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A debate in the French Parliament on extending the requirements for the so-called ‘Pass Sanitaire’, the equivalent of the Belgian Covid Safe Ticket, was postponed on Tuesday night. a reason? Hessa after a remarkable interview with President Emmanuel Macron.

GVsource: Parisian, Belga

In an interview with the newspaper Paris President Macron said on Tuesday that he is “determined to bully the unvaccinated to the end, limiting their access to social activities as much as possible. I am very excited to bully them. And we will continue to do it to the core. This is the strategy.” Macron stressed the need to postpone urgent operations because a number of people refuse to be vaccinated. “This is the best argument for the government’s strategy.”

“How do we nip this in the bud?” he continued in the seven-page interview. “By disturbing them further. I won’t put them in jail, or I won’t force vaccinate them. But as of January 15th, you can no longer go to a restaurant, drink coffee, or go to the theater without being vaccinated.”


Politically speaking, there was immediately a lot of reaction to Macron’s remarks. Right-wing populist Marine Le Pen believes Macron is “deeply dividing the nation” and making vulnerable “second-class citizens”. The left-wing LFI speaks of a “terrifying statement”.

The debate in the French parliament was due to be suspended on Tuesday night due to chaos in the conference room. “The terms of peaceful action have not been met,” said Mark LeFure, chairman of the board, and immediately announced that discussions would resume at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The French government wantsHealth pass– which gives access to the social life subject to vaccination, recovery or negative test – to the vaccination card, where only vaccination is sufficient.

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