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Joe Biden: The responsibility for the January 6 chaos lies with Trump |  abroad

Joe Biden: The responsibility for the January 6 chaos lies with Trump | abroad

US President Joe Biden will hold all responsibility for the “January 6 chaos” solely on his predecessor, Donald Trump, in his speech tomorrow. A Biden spokeswoman reported this on Wednesday. Last year, an angry mob stormed the Capitol on January 6, in an attempt to roll back Biden’s electoral gains. A few miles away in Washington, then-President Trump reiterated in a speech that “the election has been stolen.”

In his speech, Biden said he sees the January 6, 2021 storming as “a tragic culmination of what the four years of Trump’s presidency have done for the country.” Trump is still contesting the result. According to Biden’s spokesman, he would “strongly contradict the lie that the former president is spreading to mislead people.”

By doing so, the White House sharpens its tone against the former president. So far, Biden has mostly referred to “the other guy” or “the one from before” when referring to Trump.

Biden received more than 81 million votes in the November 2020 poll, nearly 20 million more votes than Trump four years ago and about 15 million more than his party mate Barack Obama four years ago. Biden also won a clear majority in the Electoral College, from 306 to 232.


Trump denies responsibility for storming the House of Representatives in Washington. He argues that the investigation into the events by the predominantly Democratic House of Representatives is not aimed at finding out the truth, but only to damage his standing as a former president and leader of the Republicans. The majority of Republicans still believe that election fraud occurred.

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Biden will speak at the Capitol on Thursday. Trump originally intended to address the press from Florida on Thursday, but those plans have been shelved. In a press release on Tuesday, he again criticized the election fraud he believes occurred, but has been unable to provide any evidence of this in the past 14 months.

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