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High-profile confession of Tom Coninx's wife - sneaking

High-profile confession of Tom Coninx's wife – sneaking

After years of media silence, Tom Coninx has recently come out again. The former president of VTM showed off his new wife and immediately caused a lot of controversy due to some off-color statements. His wife Luigia now had strong opinions as well.

'Financial issue'

In 2011, Tom Coninx switched from VRT to VTM. There, the blond-haired man became the face of the commercial broadcaster's football programs for years.

In 2018, Coninx's exit from VTM was somewhat unexpected. The man himself later talked about a financial problem and then disappeared from the screen. Following his passing, he launched his own media platform, alongside controversial former Open VLD politician Els Ampe. Meanwhile, he remains busy with his own media company.

“male chauvinist”

bee Welcome everyone Tom recently gave a rare interview with his wife Luigia. The two now have a son: Paolo and are doing well in Italy. However, some statements about the division of roles between men and women caused a sensation in Flanders.

Coninx himself came Gert table Already with apologies and his wife has now also come out with an explanation Homo. “Before publishing that interview, I discussed this passage with Tom in detail. 'Take this passage out,' I said. 'I understand you, because I know you, but other people can easily misinterpret your words.'

It finally happened and it hurt Luigia a lot. “I love him and I don't like him being portrayed as such male Chauvinist, because in reality it's not at all. The last time Tom became a father, about 15 years ago, men always had to worry about gender equality. The new man walked proudly with the baby on his chest and bragged about how many chores he had done. It was this ridiculous display that upset Tom. This is what it looked like, with the necessary nuance for Luigia.

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Photo: Instagram Luigia Java