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Queen Camilla invites Queen Mathilde to the palace

Queen Camilla invites Queen Mathilde to the palace

Queen Camilla organized a meeting at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday to mark International Women's Day. Camilla also invited her fellow Belgian Queen Mathilde to the reception. The British Queen also received a special gift. He watches!

Last week was International Women's Day. An important topic we are dealing with Last broadcast This has been discussed extensively by Van Blau Bloed. Members of the royal family are also heavily involved in the issue, as became clear again on Tuesday. On the occasion of International Women's Day, Queen Camilla organized a reception at Buckingham Palace. Belgian Queen Mathilde can also count on an invitation from her British colleague.

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Queen Camilla and Queen Mathilde at Buckingham Palace.


Queen Camilla and Queen Mathilde walk through the corridors of Buckingham Palace.

Queens Camilla and Mathilde on the bus

Queen Camilla is the Honorary Chair of the WOW Girls Festival, which changes the way society views girls, their potential and the opportunities it offers for their futures. The organization also has its own means of transportation: the WOW bus. It is an interactive space offering workshops and activities across the UK, reaching young people from all backgrounds. The bus tour began on October 11 and ended on Tuesday on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Queen Camilla and Queen Mathilde took a look inside the bus and met the young people who participated in the activities.

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Queen Camilla addresses her guests.


The queens take a look inside the bus.

special gift

The bus tour stopped on International Women's Day and that was the reason for a meeting. During the reception at Buckingham Palace, Queen Camilla received a very special gift. Because of her work at the WOW Girls Festival, she got her own Barbie doll. Presumably the doll's makers consulted with Camilla, because the Queen and her doll were dressed exactly the same. Camila was clearly happy with the present. The Queen joked that the doll looked “50 years younger,” saying: “Thank you very much.”


Queen Camilla with her Barbie doll.

Photo: Afghan National Police

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